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South Caldwell High School Band Boosters


It takes a village.....

The South Caldwell Band Boosters are a vital part of the success of the band program. If your student(s) is an ACTIVE member of ANY of our Spartan Bands, then YOU are now a member of the South Caldwell Band Boosters. 


It takes us ALL to raise money for our band, build props, transport and feed kids, load equipment, set up table and chairs, run ticket booths, and a host of other things to help make sure our students have a high quality band program.  

The band boosters meet once a month and work hard to make sure all parents / extended family are included in communications and activities. 


Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, Students and all other supporters, help us keep our presence alive through our FACEBOOK page. And join the Band App to stay in the loop on all information regarding Boosters and the Band Program.

Please click the links below and join our groups. 


Monday SEPTEMBER 9th

SCHS Band Room


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