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South Caldwell Winter Percussion


With a history and tradition of talented percussionists - the SCHS Winter Percussion season provides a winter opprotunity for students to dive deeper into complex literature, techniques, and development.  tThe season runs from November - March with the ensemble working both Drumline & Front Ensemble sections in a non competitive format.  The group performs for SCHS & CCC/TI Basketball games, as well as our annual Winter Ensemble Showcase.

The focus of our Winter season is 'percussion performance'.  Performance elements are covered, rehearsed, and showcased at events, games, and concerts throughout the season.

SCHS Winter Percussion Ensemble

Winter Showcase Performance

March 26, 2021


SCHS Winter Percussion Ensemble

Featured performer -  2018 Kaliedoscope

J.E. Broyhill Civic Center - March 25, 2018


2017-2018 SCHS Winter Percussion

Performing at Granite Falls Elementary

2015-2016 SCHS Winter Percussion

Winter Ensemble Showcase (SCHS)

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