Congratulations to everyone that prepared auditions and grew as musicians this year.  Regardless of the results - the importance of these auditions is to improve as an individual musician, and those of you that put in countless hours have grown musically in many ways.

Audition results are not final.  Please do not post pictures / screen shots / etc... on social media.  Congratulations to the following students who qualified for this years district band clinic (ASU Feb 15-17).

11-12 Symphonic Band

Carter Lewis, 1st Chair Bassoon (All State Eligible)

Rachel Masters, 9th Chair Trumpet

Kong Lee, 6th Chair Trombone

9-10 Symphonic Band

Austin Beach, 2nd Chair Clarinet (All State Eligible)

Lillia Chapman, 2nd Chair Clarinet (All State Eligible)

Ivy Throneburg, 12th Chair Clarinet 

Evan Lewis, 3rd Chair Horn (All State Eligible)

Sam Stone, 8th Chair Trombone

9-12 Concert Band

Leah Boff, 6th Chair Flute

Quinten Curtis, 12th Chair Clarinet

Blake Henkel, 1st Chair Alto Saxophone

Bailey  McCowan, 2nd Chair Snare Drum

We also have some alternates that narrowly missed out and should keep district weekend free just in case.

Meredith Pennel, 1st alternate (9-10 Flute)

Jayden Norma, 1st alternate (9-10 Oboe)

Sydney Oliphant, 2nd alternate (9-10 Bassoon)

Nicolas Mastrovito, 2nd alternate (11-12 Trumpet)

Ethan Price, 3rd alternate (9-10 Trumpet)

Campbell Metzgar, 2nd alternate (9-10 Euphonium)

Landon Docherty, 3rd alternate (11-12 Euphonium)

Kayla Rutter, 2nd alternate (String Bass)

We will have results printed for students to review at school on Tuesday.  Congratulations to those who qualified.  We are extremely proud of all students who auditioned!!!

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