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Student Leadership in the SCHS Band


Each year, approx 20-30 students are selected for the Student Leadership Team.  Students take on positions in the areas of:

  • Band President / Vice President

  • Media Coordinator

  • Fundraising Coordinator

  • Freshman Coordinator

  • Uniform Team

  • Band Librarian Team

  • Facility Team

  • Drum Major

  • Large Section Captains

  • Section Leaders


Students atttend weekly leadership planning meetings that focus on overall leadership as well as specific music instruction techniques that assist in the planning, organizing, and preparation of our band.


Most positions require years experience in the band program and audition / interview.  Band President and Vice President are elected annually by band members.

WCU Summer Symposium - July 2015


Safe Harbour Bed Derby August 2015

"BAND CAMP 2015"

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